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COVID-19 Precautions

For Our Patients & Employees

In order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 here in our offices, The Winkley Company has enacted the following measures for our team and patient care, company-wide:


- Clinicians will only see one patient at a time – No Double Booking

- Schedule patients with a time buffer to prevent overlap in care

- Patients will be roomed immediately or asked to wait in their car if no room is available

- Patients must not arrive early – will be asked to wait in their car

- No patients will be waiting in lobby area

All Patients:

- Patients will wear a face mask or be provided one during their appointment

- Only 1 guest will be allowed in the room with the patient

- When appropriate – curbside service can be provided

- Follow social distancing when arriving and leaving

Common Office Measures:

- Increased cleaning/sanitizing of all touch surfaces – at least hourly sanitizing

- In patient care rooms, all touch surfaces will be cleaned between each patient

- All magazines, catalogs, collateral materials are removed from lobby/patient rooms

Front Office Staff:

- Front office employees can only use the phone/keyboard at their stations

- All workstations and phones are sanitized as employee leaves for lunch and end of day

- Front office staff must wash their hands when entering and leaving their work stations

- Front office equipment will be sanitized hourly throughout the day – copier/printer


- No sharing of benches or tools

- Wipe down communal equipment after use (carvers, riveting bench, etc)

- Wear face masks

- Any device that comes in will be sprayed and wiped down when it comes in and before it goes back out, all new items cleaned and bagged

Clinicians/Office Staff:

- Wear face masks, glasses/goggles and gloves for patient care/contact

- Patient care staff has reinforced hand washing and proper glove usage

- Patient care staff laptops are sanitized at lunch and end of day, tablets sanitized between each patient

All Staff:

- Personal electronics are sanitized at the end of each day

- Wipe down table and chair in lunch room before and after eating

- Tables/chairs reduced to increase space between employees

- Follow social distancing guidelines between all employees

- Recommended to go directly home, shower, and change from work clothing

- Continued education as new information is available on best practices

- All boxes arriving from UPS/FedEx are handled with gloves


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