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With over 600 types of upper and lower extremity orthoses currently available, our experienced  clinicians can custom fit and fabricate a range of orthotic devices in materials such as metal, carbon graphite and thermo-formed plastic.  

Each orthosis may consist of a single unit or an entire system of components tailored to the specific condition in your knee, ankle, foot, hip, spine or wrist.  Varieties of knee-ankle-foot and ankle-foot orthoses both correct and protect joint and muscle impairments, while upper extremity devices focus on supporting your shoulders, elbows, and wrists.

Both Custom and Off The Shelf

Orthotic Services we provide regularly; including but not limited to:

Cervical Orthoses

Cranial Remolding Helmets

Spinal Orthoses

Scoliosis & Spinal Fracture

Lower Extremity Orthoses

Knee Orthoses

Fracture Bracing

Upper Extremity Orthoses

Foot Orthoses

Pediatric Orthotics

Lower Extremity Orthoses:  Custom-made plastic and metal bracing systems to control undesirable or abnormal motion and permit more normal function.

  • Ankle supports

  • Leather gauntlets

  • Dynamic carbon fiber AFOs

  • Metal short and long leg braces

  • Plastic ankle/foot orthoses (AFOs)

  • Walking boots

  • Plastic knee/ankle/foot orthoses (KAFOs)

  • Hip flexion-abduction stabilizers

As the oldest privately owned orthotics and prosthetics company in the country and largest in Minnesota, Winkley stands out among its fellow practices with years of experience in name and reputation.  


Now in its fifth generation of ownership; the Winkley Company still holds fit, function and satisfaction as its core values, remaining a leader in orthotic and prosthetic technology and treatment that puts the client first.

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