With over 600 types of upper and lower extremity orthoses currently available, our experienced  clinicians can custom fit and fabricate a range of orthotic devices in materials such as metal, carbon graphite and thermo-formed plastic.  Each orthosis may consist of a single unit or an entire system of components tailored to the specific condition in your knee, ankle, foot, hip, spine or wrist.  Varieties of knee-ankle-foot and ankle-foot orthoses both correct and protect joint and muscle impairments, while upper extremity devices focus on supporting your shoulders, elbows, and wrists.

Lower Extremity Orthoses:  Custom-made plastic and metal bracing systems to control undesirable or abnormal motion and permit more normal function.

  • Ankle supports

  • Leather gauntlets

  • Dynamic carbon fiber AFOs

  • Metal short and long leg braces

  • Plastic ankle/foot orthotses (AFOs)

  • Walking boots

  • Plastic knee/ankle/foot orthoses (KAFOs)

  • Hip flexion-abduction stabilizers



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Tel. 763-546-1177

Fax. 763-847-9508