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We started to use 3D scanners in 2017 and CAD/CAM carvers to carve out our positive molds that were taken with the scans.  This is pretty cool stuff that is beginning to take shape within the O&P industry!  

Here at Winkley, we're excited to use these tools in our practice and take technology by the hand to increase our efficiency while maintaining the Winkley quality that we stand by.


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Our newest addition is a 7-axis robot arm carver.  The 7-axis carver allows us to carve things that are more complicated in shape because it can move in 4 more ways than the 3-axis.  You can see it in action in the video below.
Our other carver is the Omega which is a 3-axis carver, seen in these photos.  This carver does a lot of TLSO carves which gives us the ability to fabricate all our spinal orthoses fast (Same day!) for all our hospitals and surgeons!  Can you imagine what it was like to carry a TLSO mold made of plaster?!  Yikes!

So what does this do for us?  Well, like mentioned before, this helps us to provide 24 hr turn-around service for patients that are in the hospital that have undergone emergency surgery or have suffered some type of fracture of their spine.  Before we had to hire outside fabrication of our TLSOs so we could provide them to the hospitals we are contracted with, it worked but was reliant on an outside vendor, and quite limited by this. 

Now, combined with the ability to 3D scan our patient in the hospital, digitally modify in our lab to customize the fit of the brace (especially if it was done with measurements only), our two CAD robots can carve the positive models in less than an hour so the brace can be fabricated!

 download spinal bracing flyer

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