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Winkley OP - Prosthetic AKA Patient Experience

Check out this awesome patient experience from @peg_leg_nate ! He took some amazing photos on his trip, and shared his story with us!

“I am an AKA since 2001 and Winkley has been a part of my journey since the beginning. We are long time family friends of Mike Antonson who pointed me to Zenon Wojcik when word of my amputation got out. Through him I got to know your dad (Greg), and many other great people as my prosthetics helped me live a vibrant and active life. We moved out of state for a while and I missed the personal customer service that Winkley always offered. When we moved back to Eau Claire about three years ago I reached out to Traiden and talked to him about a new prosthesis. We were able to get the X3 knee for me back in August of 2019 and a world of opportunities has opened since. Fishing, camping, hunting, being outdoors no longer had me concerned about getting my knee wet and I embraced my new found freedom.

Because of the capability of the knee and your great staff here in EC, I've trended upwards in my own capability these last three years. That led me to pursue the opportunity to head out west this fall on a mountain hunt chasing elk with my brother and friends. I don't think that I would have considered this hunt without the strength I'd built and the help I've gotten from your team.

I just returned home yesterday after 10 days in Idaho and I pushed myself to the limit. I averaged around five miles a day, climbing up and down 1000-1500 vertical feet routinely. My best day was over 8 miles!

So, thank you all for the great work you do to help amputees live our lives. You have no idea what it means to me. I now live in a world in which I am no longer disabled in my mind. My mind telling me that I can't do something will now be ignored because not only CAN I, but I DID. I have shed my limits and am raising the bar higher.”

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