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Are you a new patient with us? Want to stay ahead of the game and learn a bit about the process? Feel free to fill out the necessary intake forms (contact & insurance) prior to your appointment to allow us to save you some time while you are here.

At your first appointment, you will be seen by a clinician that specializes in fitting the device that you have been prescribed. If you are coming in for a consultation for a device you already have, it will be the same. The clinician will talk with you about your needs, and work with you to find the most suitable device to help. We will also go over any other necessary steps that will be involved in the process. Sometimes we are able to provide an item to you that day if it is an option, most often we will have to customize the device for you.

Everything we provide requires a prescription from a physician, and sometimes additional forms and clinical documentation from the physician. There can be a lot of steps to obtaining the information from the physician, and this can add an additional wait to receive the device you need. 

Once all the documentation is in order from your physician and insurance, you will be able to receive your device and this will require an appointment with that same clinician. You will be able to try the device in the office and the clinician will be able to make adjustments as needed while you are there. In many cases we will ask that you return for a follow-up appointment within the following two weeks, or request that you contact us if you are feeling discomfort or are in need of adjustments. We are always here for follow ups and adjustments on your device, and any questions you may have, just call!

As the oldest privately owned orthotics and prosthetics company in the country and largest in Minnesota, Winkley stands out among its fellow practices with years of experience in name and reputation.  


Now in its fifth generation of ownership; the Winkley Company still holds fit, function and satisfaction as its core values, remaining a leader in orthotic and prosthetic technology and treatment that puts the client first.

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