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"I have been a patient at Winkley Orthopedics since losing my lower right leg in 1969. I worked with Greg Gruman for many years and now see Traiden at the Eau Claire office.. I have been fitted with many new prosthetic legs over the years and have always been 100% satisfied! I have always been treated as if I am their most important customer and the work that the prosthetists do always of high quality! I would highly recommend Winkley Orthopedic to anyone in need of any type of brace or prosthetic!"

Steven P. - Patient Survey

"In all my years as an amputee (1994) I followed Cate B. where ever & with whomever she went.  When she started at Winkley I felt like that was my "care" home.  I have never had anything but the best care and concern on any of my many visits.  While in cardiac rehab I needed new liner & sleeve.  Amalia came to my rescue, in person."

Sandra M. - Patient Survey

"I have used Winkley since 1969 --- All of my contact with Winkley has been great.  I started with Robert Gruman in the VA Medical center.  All of the people that I dealt with were great."

Dave R. - Patient Survey

"I've been going to The Winkley Co. for 50 years and they have always treated me right!"

 Patient Satisfaction Survey

"I understand there is no such thing as perfection!  But Winkley has done a great job in taking care of my needs & answering my concerns & questions I have from time to time.  Not once has someone reponded[sic] with that's not my dept or passed me on to another.  In my experience, everyone works as a team & has a common goal of taking care of the client.  It shows and I am very happy with my care at Winkley!  Thank you!!"

Anonymous - Patient Survey

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"Wonderful service!  Kind, knowledgeable.  Clinician even made a visit to rehab facility to adjust brace, as it was difficult to get out.  Speedy service when new pads were needed."

Annonymous - Patient Survey

"I am a new BK amputee and I have been in awe over my experience at Winkley.  Andy has spent time educating me every step in this process, talking about options, and answering our many questions.  I think he was almost as excited as I was for my first steps, which shows the quality and heart in employees.  Every other person thinks they are the most important client...but I am pretty sure I think it is me :), at least that is how I am treated.  Thanks Andy and Winkley"

Michelle H. - Website Testimonial

"I had back surgery at Abbott last Dec. 22.  I was treated with respect and professionalism by everyone that I came in contact with.  The brace for my back offered the perfect amount of support.  I am grateful to everyone.  Thank you for your wonderful care."

Nancy S. - Patient Survey

"I saw one person while in convalescent home & also Coon Rapids -- both were excellent.  Amazing fit -- helped so much"

Annonymous - Patient Survey

"We had a great experience with Winkley.  So compassionate and helpful.  Great with my daughter.  Mark was phenomenal."

Jill A. - Patient Survey

"John has been super.  He would come to my home if I couldn't get to office.  Everyone was so nice. --- Always able to get questions answered.  Looking forward to a long relationship.  Would recommend Winkley to anyone."

John C. - Patient Survey

"I spent 50+ years in healthcare, from Nursing Assistant to Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, with years of Human Resources mixed in. All of this experience with care of and service to people prepares me to offer a qualified evaluation of our experience with Winkley.
From the minute we walked/wheeled up to the desk and were greeted by Deb Kittelson, I knew we had come to the right provider. Deb's warm welcome and sensitive attention to getting us checked in and comfortable was exceptional and deeply appreciated. How one is treated when they first experience a new office is, in my mind and experience, a good indicator of what to expect from the organization.
Meeting the 'hands on' folks confirmed my experience with Deb. Led by Traiden Oleson, these young professionals were nothing short of awesome. I was negligent in not getting the names of his coworkers, but each of the women we met were nothing short of amazing. They were kind, patient, sensitive, knowledgable and just clearly good people. Along the way through my working years and my own experiences receiving healthcare services, I have encountered people who were highly professional in their skills, but brought no human warmth and care to their service. Some less-than-skilled people were occasionally part of the teams, but their human warmth and concern balanced any weakness in their skills. At the Eau Claire Winkley office we were served by a team of people who were knowledgable and great at the work they do. They, to the person, were awesome in their warm, caring, supportive dealings with us.
The Winkley Team in Eau Claire is wonderful. I can't begin to express what that means when you are facing a huge life challenge. Thank you all!!!"

Kathie - Patient Testimonial

Ali S. - Comment Card

"I have been coming here for almost twenty years and it has been a great experience.  Robin has been doing good job fixing my leg.  Please don't allow her to retire any time soon."

"Robin has been my ortho-expert for 22 years.  Due to her expertise I have less back pain with the corset I use.  Thanks Robin you're the best."

David G. - Patient Survey

"Amalia and all of your staff are phenomenal. I’ve had a prosthetic leg for 52 years now, and Winkley is so wonderful to work with. Thank you for everything!!"

Patient Satisfaction Survey

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