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"I have been a patient at Winkley Orthopedics since losing my lower right leg in 1969. I worked with Greg Gruman for many years and now see Traiden at the Eau Claire office.. I have been fitted with many new prosthetic legs over the years and have always been 100% satisfied! I have always been treated as if I am their most important customer and the work that the prosthetists do always of high quality! I would highly recommend Winkley Orthopedic to anyone in need of any type of brace or prosthetic!"

Steven P. - Patient Survey

"In all my years as an amputee (1994) I followed Cate B. where ever & with whomever she went.  When she started at Winkley I felt like that was my "care" home.  I have never had anything but the best care and concern on any of my many visits.  While in cardiac rehab I needed new liner & sleeve.  Amalia came to my rescue, in person."

Sandra M. - Patient Survey

"I have used Winkley since 1969 --- All of my contact with Winkley has been great.  I started with Robert Gruman in the VA Medical center.  All of the people that I dealt with were great."

Dave R. - Patient Survey

"Kaylee was very helpful and knowledgable!"

Lana S. - Patient Survey

"I understand there is no such thing as perfection!  But Winkley has done a great job in taking care of my needs & answering my concerns & questions I have from time to time.  Not once has someone reponded[sic] with that's not my dept or passed me on to another.  In my experience, everyone works as a team & has a common goal of taking care of the client.  It shows and I am very happy with my care at Winkley!  Thank you!!"

Anonymous - Patient Survey

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"Wonderful service!  Kind, knowledgeable.  Clinician even made a visit to rehab facility to adjust brace, as it was difficult to get out.  Speedy service when new pads were needed."

Annonymous - Patient Survey

"I am a new BK amputee and I have been in awe over my experience at Winkley.  Andy has spent time educating me every step in this process, talking about options, and answering our many questions.  I think he was almost as excited as I was for my first steps, which shows the quality and heart in employees.  Every other person thinks they are the most important client...but I am pretty sure I think it is me :), at least that is how I am treated.  Thanks Andy and Winkley"

Michelle H. - Website Testimonial

"I had back surgery at Abbott last Dec. 22.  I was treated with respect and professionalism by everyone that I came in contact with.  The brace for my back offered the perfect amount of support.  I am grateful to everyone.  Thank you for your wonderful care."

Nancy S. - Patient Survey

"I saw one person while in convalescent home & also Coon Rapids -- both were excellent.  Amazing fit -- helped so much"

Annonymous - Patient Survey

"We had a great experience with Winkley.  So compassionate and helpful.  Great with my daughter.  Mark was phenomenal."

Jill A. - Patient Survey

"John has been super.  He would come to my home if I couldn't get to office.  Everyone was so nice. --- Always able to get questions answered.  Looking forward to a long relationship.  Would recommend Winkley to anyone."

John C. - Patient Survey

"I dealt with both Jen & Alyssa and can't say enough great things about both.  I absolutely was impressed every time we crossed paths!  I would definitely tell people who need your services that Jen & Alyssa are the gold standard!  Very very very outstanding."

Nancy F. - Patient Survey

Ali S. - Comment Card

"I have been coming here for almost twenty years and it has been a great experience.  Robin has been doing good job fixing my leg.  Please don't allow her to retire any time soon."

"Robin has been my ortho-expert for 22 years.  Due to her expertise I have less back pain with the corset I use.  Thanks Robin you're the best."

David G. - Patient Survey

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