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At Winkley, our prosthetists are experienced in fitting and custom-designing prostheses for upper and lower extremity amputations of any level.  Depending on the patient as well as activity level or special needs we can recommend the most functional and cost-effective prosthesis.  Each prosthesis is custom made in-house based on the individual needs of each patient.  

Our certified clinicians, in consultation with your physician, physical therapist, occupational therapist as well as any other clinical care providers are committed to helping each patient return to their maximum physical function.

  • Prosthetic Casting Via CADCAM, Symphonie, Plaster, Alginate

  • Hospital Post-Op Service/Education

  • Amputee Supplies

  • Prosthetic Repairs/Service

  • Advanced Amputee Technology

​Prosthetic Services we provide regularly; including but not limited to:

  • Post-op prepatory (temporary) and definitive (permanent) prostheses for below-knee (transtibial), above-knee (transfemoral), hip disarticulation, hemipelvectomy, and foot amputations

  • Lightweight carbon fiber and titanium components

  • Total surface bearing and suction socket prostheses

  • Flexible sockets

  • Ischial containment socket designs (narrow M-L/CATCAM)

  • Hydraulic knee controls, in a variety of designs

  • Microprocessor controlled systems

  • Elevated vacuum suspension systems

  • Energy-storing foot configurations

  • Sports applications

  • Conventional exoskeletal systems

  • Endoskeletal soft foam coverings for cosmetic finish

Our experienced prosthetists are trained in fitting upper extremity prostheses in many levels of limb loss.

  • Functional and cosmetic prostheses for below-elbow, above-elbow, shoulder dis-articulation, and hand or finger amputations

  • Myoelectric hands with articulating digits and multiple grasp patterns

  • Electronically-operated elbow units with anatomic options

  • High definition hand, finger and higher level restorations

  • Custom harness and cable configurations for heavy duty body-powered control

  • Pattern recognition control

  • Activity specific applications

what do our patients say?

"I’m working with Jason Clayton and he’s made this Extreme transition in my life go as smoothly as possible, along with the fact I have his cell phone number, which he always gets back to me right away “even on weekends” to answer any questions I have and gets me Into the office ASAP as my leg changes to make adjustments to my prosthetic!!! I would recommend the Winkley Company and Jason to anyone having to deal with Orthotic or prosthetic issues! Absolutely five stars!!"

Jason P. - Google Review

As the oldest privately owned orthotics and prosthetics company in the country and largest in Minnesota, Winkley stands out among its fellow practices with years of experience in name and reputation.  


Now in its fifth generation of ownership; the Winkley Company still holds fit, function and satisfaction as its core values, remaining a leader in orthotic and prosthetic technology and treatment that puts the client first.

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