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MEET chuck

Century College | Prosthetic Technology Diploma - 1986

ABC Certified Orthotic Assistant - 2011

In O&P Field Since 1986

With Winkley Since 1999


At a very young age, Chuck’s career in Orthotics & Prosthetics started before he even knew it. Born into a family with a long tradition of watchmakers, draftsmen and tradesmen, Chuck was always curious and loved to deconstruct things to see how they worked… and sometimes actually put them back together.

His study in prosthetics began while still in high school which led to a Prosthetic Technician Diploma soon after graduation. With his employment in the field well on its way, he learned orthotic technical skills while working as a technician which continues to this day.

With 35 years of technical experience, his knowledge continues to grow. His favorite aspects of working in the lab are metal and leather work, welding and combining old and new techniques to create a device which best suits the patient’s specific need.

Chuck is bringing the Winkley lab into the present day. As Lab Manager, his focus is on utilizing modern componentry, processes, 3D CAD/CAM and digital technology to provide patients with the best possible device.


Chuck enjoys spending time with his wife Jill and likes food, photography, turntables, shiny objects and spending time outdoors. He is an FCC licensed amateur radio operator and enjoys loud rock & roll.

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